Hi! My name is Emely and I am from Illinois! I attend Lehigh University and I am currently thinking about studying Earth and Environmental Science. I might double major or at least minor in International Relations. I love love love learning about the world and how it works! After Lehigh, I plan on pursuing law school! Some of my hobbies include writing, painting, producing music, and binge watching any popular tv show on Netflix! One of my current personal projects is a podcast on being a first generation student and navigating college. I will share more details about it in the future!

My blog will be about censorship! I am currently taking Research and Argument at Lehigh (ENGL002) with Professor Doc Chuck. He is an amazing professor here! The class’s theme of the semester is censorship. We explore the various histories of censorship of literature and analyze the reasons for banning and why books are so important to our society. What I hope to gain from this class is to learn more about works of literature that have been banned as well as build my argumentative writing skills. I have learned about argumentative writing here at Lehigh and I hope I can continue to learn new approaches to my writing!

Thank you so much for reading more about me and my blog!


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